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Choosing a security centre is one of the most important decisions you will make.


Our cameras offer crystal clear resolution … 20% clearer than the best analog camera and in the mega pixel version 5 times the resolution of the best analog camera.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The first video recorders were tape which were replaced by Digital Video Recorders or DVR’s now the most advanced recorders are Network Video Recorders or NVR’s which offer many advantages over all recorders.

Remote Management

You can even be alerted to when an employee closes the shop or when your child returns home from school, and who came home with them.


Our monitoring is contracted to a third party ULC Approved Station that is local to our customers. The advantage of using a sub-contracted station is that there is transparency which translates to a higher quality service.

Access Control

Access Control is a system that controls access to a room or area. It logs who came in at what time and when they left the area. It can be programmed to restrict access to selected user at select times or days.

Alarm Systems

Our alarms can be integrated with our camera systems. When an alarm condition occurs; a video associated with the alarm is either archived or sent along with the alarm condition to a ULC Monitoring Station