Construction & Industrial

Physical security guards simply put, are not the best solution. They are usually are found inside of a job trailer. Many guards will not do a required walk around the site and when they do it is usually on a predetermined schedule making it extremely easy for would be thieves to figure out.

The Security Centre solution is accountable no matter what the weather or the physical site conditions.

We are Insurance Approved on COC warrantees, in fact we wrote the very first warrantee for a Lloyds of London syndicate which is still being used today, worldwide. Our solutions reduces builders risks and losses and aid in lower insurance premiums. Our solution can be custom made for large or small sites.

The best solution for crime prevention at your construction or industrial site is using technology smartly. Depending on the many factors of your project, we offer options to buy, lease or rent – we can install or show you how – simply put we provide you with the right information to make the best value decision.

The Security Centre has put together some great packages which are best explained over a 20 minute presentation, call 780-951-1471 or email us at to book a presentation.