Vehicle Dealerships

Our proprietary technology is much better than alternatives. A guard is prone to human factors and visual limitations.

But be very careful not all technology is the same. Some remote systems rely solely on humans watching and advertise this as being the best way… but in reality it is not. We have taken over many accounts from companies using this method. The internet has many examples of why humans watching continous video feeds is just not sufficient.

Check out the following link for an interesting example

Security hardware, like any electronics is always being updated and improved and the one thing that bugs all of us, is when we buy something only to find out that its obsolete. The best solution for crime prevention at your dealership is using technology smartly. This includes the right technology for today and the right technology for the long term. The solution has to be the best value and pricing with minimal cost over the life of the product.

Lower losses result in lower insurance premiums dealerships will benefit with the peace of mind in knowing that The Security Centre is looking over their assets.

The Security Centre has put together some great packages which are best explained over a 20 minute presentation, call 780-951-1471 or email us at to book a presentation.