Why Have Cameras For a Restaurant And Bar

When you think about a security camera in the corner of a restaurant or bar, your first thought is probably “a means of protecting themselves against break-ins.” That is certainly a valid thought; however, there are many other purposes as well. Security systems are installed for many reasons, not all of them obvious.

The most familiar use is as an anti-theft device. Theft is an ever increasing problem for restaurant and bar owners. Research conducted by shows, “over 85% of all robberies are ‘inside jobs.’ ” Restaurants and bars are not only protecting themselves from break-ins and hold-ups from the outside world, they are also protecting their investments from their own employees. Installing visible closed circuit security devices can help deter such acts by employees when they know that they are being observed. Non-visible closed circuit security can be used in problem areas, where the intruder thinks they are safe from being observed.

The Security Center

The Security Center integrates Video Cameras with Alarm Systems and 2-way Voice Systems to provide the very best electronic protection available today.

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