Imagine remotely live viewing your site from anywhere in the world, accessing hi-resolution video of important events.

Our systems can integrate with each other, when an alarm occurs the alarm system can work with the video system… the monitoring station gets the alarm and also video of the cause of the alarm.

Our products are leading edge proven and robust. We use 100% IP digital video camera systems which have many advantages over analog.

Digital offers less cost in servicing most and problems can be serviced remotely without the cost of sending a service technician.

Best of all the way we buy our products allows us to offer Digital at pricing on par or lower than analog.

“The whole world is going digital”

What’s New

Advances in technology have spawned a whole new way of looking at security.

Integration with other products and wireless standards are allowing us to better manage our businesses and homes remotely.

From a computer or smart-phone, you can turn on /off lights, adjust thermostats even lock or unlock deadbolts. You can confirm these commands with a live video stream or go back and access recorded video of an important event.

Professional 24/7/365 ULC Monitoring can be added as a service. The monitoring station can see the cause of an alarm and dispatch based on the event.

“No more false alarms”

 The Security Center Sells Installs and Services

  • Video Cameras
  • Alarm Systems
  • Access Control Systems
  • Remote Automation
  • Remote ULC
  • Monitoring

We integrate these systems, “we get them talking to each other’ to leverage their usage and provide benefits to our customer.

80’s – First monitoring station with 2-way voice system in Canada
90’s – First remote video verification of Alarms in Canada

Today – First to introduce video verification over the Internet

The principals of our company have a long history and over 50 years of combined experience in the Security Industry.

Like most security companies we have experience and a long history in analog technology but the world is going digital, and unlike most security companies our principals have over 30 years combined experience in Digital.

Our Network Video Recorders, IP Cameras, and Management Software are our flagship products.

Our goal is deliver current leading edge IP Digital products that are robust and proven. Thru a continual service program that is unparallel we provide free software feature upgrades, and a hardware replacement program that guarantees you a long lasting system.

Our products are bought right our overhead is low and our pricing both on the initial purchase, and long term service, without a doubt makes us the very best value in security today.