Almost every car dealer has a issue with lot security. They are an easy target for theft and vandalism. The solution for preventing crime has traditionally been security guards but now with technological advancements remote guard solutions using analytic technology are becoming more effective.

Our Virtual Sentry technology is much better than alternatives, a guard is prone to human factors and visual limitations. But be very careful not all technology is the same, some remote systems rely solely on humans watching and advertise this as being the best way… but in reality it is not. We have taken over many accounts from companies using this method.  The internet has many examples of why humans watching video is bad, just click here for some interesting examples.  http://www.theinvisiblegorilla.com/videos.html

Security hardware like any electronics is always being updated and improved and the one thing that bugs all of us, is when we buy something only to find out that its obsolete. The bestsolution for crime prevention at your car dealership is using technology smartly. This includes the right technology for today and the right technology for the long term. The solution has to be the best value and pricing with minimal cost over the life of the product.

Lower losses result in lower insurance premiums and car dealerships will benefit with the peace of mind in knowing that  Virtual Sentry is looking over their assets.

TSC has put together some great packages which are best explained over a 20 minute presentation call 780-951-1471 or email us sales@thesecuritycentre.ca to book a presentation

Construction / Industrial Sites

Construction site security can include burglars, vandals and arsonists. All of which can cause damage that result in construction delays and out of pocket losses. Also if we remember when we were kids a construction site was a playground to be explored now a days this can pose a huge liability.

Physical security guards simply put are not the best solution they usually are found in the job trailer. Many guard will not do a required walk around, our Virtual Sentry solution is accountable no matter what the weather or the physical site conditions we always show up and we video record our work.

We are Insurance Approved on COC warrantees, in fact we wrote the very first warrantee for a Lloyds of London syndicate which is still being used today, worldwide.  Our Virtual Sentry solution reduces Builders risks and losses and results in lower insurance premiums. Our solution can be custom made for big or small sites.  

The bestsolution for crime prevention at your construction site is using technology smartly. Depending on the many factors of your project, we offer options to buy or rent – we can install or show you how – simply put we provide you with the right information to make the best value decision

TSC has put together some great packages which are best explained over a 20 minute presentation, call 780-951-1471 or email us sales@thesecuritycentre.ca to book a presentation


Our operators work with the most advanced digital hardware and software technology using video surveillance and access control systems to allow people in and out of properties. Our customers benefit by a better and more accountable service and significantly reduced costs.

Transportation & logistics companies and any businesses that operate access control for properties can experience a benefit by using our remote gate control virtual guard. Its a cost effective way to replace a security guard at compound entry/exit gate. Drivers and tractor

We can provide Customizable Security Protocols that meet your unique situation and requirements. Access Control systems lock / unlock doors and they provide users a convenient way to manage staff. Our remote access control can reduce or eliminate unauthorized site access, vandalism and theft, and help ensure company guidelines are followed.

TSC has put together some great packages which are best explained over a 20 minute presentation, call 780-951-1471 or email us sales@thesecuritycentre.ca to book a presentation.


Virtual Concierge offers a presence in places now serviced by a guard or concierge. It also is great option for sites that were set up for a guard but don’t have the funds or see the value of a guard – like a gated community.

Using advanced video analytics and machine learning technology, multiple sites can be managed by a remote concierge and security guard. Our Virtual Concierge can offer the same services and more services. It can be designed to a customers specific needs and budget.

Virtual Concierge manages all security features throughout the building and interacts live with residents and guests in the lobby, parking garage, elevators and any other area. It is designed toprovide the highest level of security and service, record all events and effectively do more than what is commonly done by a human on site.

Our service opens the door to sites that had a need and concern but could not justify the costs associated with a human concierge or guard. And because it is virtual it can customized for operation only during certain hours and on demand.

Audio & Video communicating is done directly with visitors or intruders via phone or intercoms strategically located throughout the property. During after hours and at designated times, we can remote tour the building or community via security cameras or our tele-present robots ensuring premises protection and the reporting of any suspicious activity.

The analytic software is able to record all license plates, verify them against authorized license plates and take appropriate and immediate action if something is not correct. The system video records the driver, vehicle, license plate and the interaction dialogue information.

Our system can provide safe escort from parking garage to elevator and right to the residents door. And if required our tele-present robot can do an inspection of a residents property.

Virtual Concierge is useful for overall site security for many applications, including gated communities , shopping centers, apartment buildings, transportation & logistics yards, warehouses, retailers and storage facilities and work alone retail.

Why Have Cameras For a Restaurant And Bar

Observing employees allows restaurant and bar owners to prevent loss of revenue. Under pouring drinks may result in dissatisfied customers, whereas over pouring drinks results in a loss of inventory. In audits conducted by Bevinco.com, this loss of revenue ranges from “15-35%, with the average loss being almost 20%.” The use of security cameras can help owners keep an eye on bartenders. If digital recording systems are used, the footage can later be used in training to help employees learn how to correctly pour the right amount, which will improve the bottom line for both the owner and the bartender, who relies on tips.

Other uses of security systems include strengthening employee loyalty by observing positive behaviors in employees and rewarding them for that behavior. Restaurants and bars also use security systems to help maintain the service level. Tables can be observed from a distance to know when drinks might need to be refilled or the customer is waiting for the check. This allows the customers to enjoy the experience without being disrupted by the waiter checking on them every few minutes. Using a device, such as a digital recording system, can also be beneficial from a legal standpoint and installing a security system may even save money with the business’ insurance company. A digital recording system allows restaurant and bar owners to record events that are occurring, which can later be presented to police if the need may arise.

There are many options with security systems that restaurant and bar owners can choose from to fit the needs of their own individual business. Low light cameras allow owners to have the security they need without adjusting the atmosphere of the room. Certain digital recording systems allow the owner to view the happenings of the business while they are away; viewing footage on line or even from a cell phone. While there are several other security system options available to help restaurant and bar owners to meet their needs, the first step is to analyze what those needs are to find the best fit. Once the right fit has been met, owners can begin to employ the various uses for security systems to help their business succeed without needless lost revenue.

When you think about a security camera in the corner of a restaurant or bar, your first thought is probably “a means of protecting themselves against break-ins.” That is certainly a valid thought; however, there are many other purposes as well. Security systems are installed for many reasons, not all of them obvious.

The most familiar use is as an anti-theft device. Theft is an ever increasing problem for restaurant and bar owners. Research conducted by RestaurantEdge.com shows, “over 85% of all robberies are ‘inside jobs.’ ” Restaurants and bars are not only protecting themselves from break-ins and hold-ups from the outside world, they are also protecting their investments from their own employees. Installing visible closed circuit security devices can help deter such acts by employees when they know that they are being observed. Non-visible closed circuit security can be used in problem areas, where the intruder thinks they are safe from being observed.

The Security Center

The Security Center integrates Video Cameras with Alarm Systems and 2-way Voice Systems to provide the very best electronic protection available today.

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