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Town enhances resident’s security by installing public surveillance video cameras

STONY PLAIN, AB – As a demonstration of its commitment to enhance public security and to deter unlawful activity, the Town of Stony Plain has installed a wireless video surveillance system in the downtown area.

“Our residents are proud to live in a safe community, and by installing surveillance cameras in key locations, the Town can help to keep it that way,” says Ken Lemke, mayor of Stony Plain. “It is anticipated that video surveillance can be one of many effective tools that we can use to reduce anti-social behaviours and illegal activities within our community.”

The Security Centre – an Edmonton-based video surveillance company – installed four cameras in downtown Stony Plain earlier this month; these are now fully operational. The new system – which monitors a 1.5 acre strip along 50 St. (from 50 Ave. to 52 Ave.) – expands the systems already in place at the Town office and at its recycling facility.

The Town has ensured that the surveillance system complies with all established legislative guidelines regarding municipal video surveillance and that it is subject to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy (FOIP) Act, which balances the benefits to the public with the rights of individuals to be left alone.

The “Guide to Using Surveillance Cameras in Public Areas,” published by the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Department, states that any record of the image of an identifiable individual is a record of personal information. Hence, the Town has ensured the new system complies with all FOIP regulations. Residents with questions or concerns are invited to contact the Town’s FOIP Coordinator.

Earlier this year, Town Council approved the installation of four weather- and vandal- proof cameras in downtown Stony Plain. The $25,000 Cameras in the Community Project was approved in the 2009 Capital Projects Budget.

Each camera is equipped with night-time capability and is wirelessly linked to the Town’s DVR system located at the Town Office. The cameras can be easily relocated to potential hot spots within the community. Clear and visible signage for each camera, indicating the area is being monitored, has been installed.

Data recorded by the cameras is securely stored on computer systems on the Town’s server and are kept 100 per cent confidential, with information released only to authorities upon request by the R.C.M.P. and only if a formal public complaint has been launched with the police.

Social Equity

By installing video surveillance cameras within the community, The Town demonstrates its commitment to social equity, by developing and maintaining a community focused on creatively meeting the needs of residents through the promotion of equality, well-being, safety and citizen participation and involvement. Social Equity is one of the four core values of the Community Sustainability Plan, which governs how the Town of Stony Plain conducts business.

For more information:

Rudy A. Zacharias, Communications Coordinator Office: 780.963.2151 · Fax: 780.963.2197

The Security Center

The Security Center integrates Video Cameras with Alarm Systems and 2-way Voice Systems to provide the very best electronic protection available today.