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Scope Of Our Work:

  • Our largest Camera System has 173 cameras, our smallest has 3 cameras.
  • Our largest Mega Pixel camera installation has 94 cameras our smallest 5 cameras.
  • Our largest Access Control System has 18 doors our smallest has 1 door.
  • Our largest Alarm System has 62 zones our smallest has 4 zones.
  • We primarily service Northern and Central Alberta but we have installs for National Franchises across the country.

What makes us Diggerent from most others:

  • We work with 100% Digital Cameras and Network Video Recorders
  • We are able to deliver High Resolution full frame HD recording at pricing lower than analog.
  • A continually developing platform which keeps our products from becoming obsolete
  • No license fees and no software upgrade fees.
  • Integration of all products thru software.
  • A exceptional above average product replacement program