Our high resolution or mega pixel color cameras are housed in vandal proof enclosures and are Powered Over Ethernet (POE). They can be installed in any application imaginable.

The compact size allows them to blend into any décor making them very difficult to notice. But if you want a more overt camera system … we have cameras that fit that requirement also.

Our cameras offer crystal clear resolution … 20% clearer than the best analog camera and in the mega pixel version 5 times the resolution of the best analog camera.

The purchase price is less than a comparable analog and their long term service costs significantly less than analog.

Network Video Recorders (NVR)

The first video recorders were tape which were replaced by Digital Video Recorders or DVR’s now the most advanced recorders are Network Video Recorders or NVR’s which offer many advantages over all recorders.

  • And our NVR’s have some amazing advantages over all other NVR’s;
  • They integrate with all of our products
  • Remote viewing your site from anywhere is secure
  • There is no camera number limits
  • They record in full frame, not the small little frames like those on DVR’s
  • They record on all channels at full frame speeds not the jerky recording like DVR’s
  • Software upgrades are always being done and they are free

Remote Management

Our systems can be controlled remotely via a cell phone or remote computer. You can live view your site or you can retrieve archived video or still picture.

Your Alarm Systems can be armed /disarmed lights can be turned on/off your thermostat can be adjusted up/down even your deadbolt can locked/unlocked.


Our monitoring is contracted to a third party ULC Approved Station that is local to our customers. The advantage of using a sub-contracted station is that there is transparency which translates to a higher quality service.

The advantage to using as local as possible station is that there is a familiarity which geography

Access Control

Access Control is a system that controls access to a room or area. It logs who came in at what time and when they left the area. It can be programmed to restrict access to selected user at select times or days.

Our Access Control can be integrated with our cameras to provide a video and picture of each event.

Alarm Systems

Our alarm systems are either hardwired or wireless they have no zone limitations and can take a alarm from any device, (motion or door sensor, fire or smoke sensor, and water flooding, carbon monoxide or any other gas).

Our alarms can be integrated with our camera systems. When an alarm condition occurs; a video associated with the alarm is either archived or sent along with the alarm condition to a ULC Monitoring Station.

Mobile Security Unit

This one is our Mobile Security Unit or Trailer or MSU it is 100% off grid solar powered with cameras recording and live 24/7 monitoring from our call centre.